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Live 16 - Playful

◎ 2,658 ▽ 3,400 - 2017-05-07Details
Description Enjoy a playful induction and mindset as we clear your thoughts for a creative game.
Intended Effect Playful creativity.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a playful hypnosis session. The hypnotist, Nimja, explains that hypnosis can be fun and encourages the listener to participate. They discuss different ways to enjoy hypnosis, such as hypnotizing oneself during repetitive tasks or finding humor in everything. Nimja tries to make the listener smile and talks about the importance of having a playful mindset. They mention that being playful can lead to creativity and imagination, which are powerful tools in hypnosis. The listener is guided to clear their mind and imagine an empty space where they can be creative and playful. Nimja counts down to deepen the trance and prompts the listener to imagine various objects. The session ends with the listener being awakened and encouraged to embrace their playful and creative mindset.

CategoriesInduction, Effect, Live
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