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208 - Puppy Bedtime

◎ 8,561 ▽ 12,221 - 2016-07-28Details
Description Playful puppies need to sleep sometimes and fortunately I know just how to do it.
Intended Effect Calming puppy bedtime.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a relaxed and calm state by Nimja, who takes on the role of an owner soothing their puppy. Nimja uses gentle touches and caresses to help the listener, acting as the puppy, to relax and let go of their thoughts. The listener is encouraged to curl up and enjoy the soothing touch, gradually becoming more and more relaxed. Nimja counts the listener down from 10 to 1, further deepening their relaxation. Eventually, the listener reaches a state of deep relaxation and emptiness, where they are completely content and happy. Nimja continues to caress the listener's back, as the listener drifts away and listens to Nimja's voice. The listener enters a state where they are open to being controlled by their owner, completely blank and empty. Nimja praises the listener for being a good puppy and prepares them to fall asleep. The listener is reminded of feeling safe and content, and their dreams are described as playful and joyful. Finally, the listener is commanded to sleep and instructed to take off their headphones. The file ends by referring to the listener as a happy little puppy.

CategoriesSleep, Fantasy, Transformation
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