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2 - Sleep Embraced

◎ 7,694 ▽ 11,836 - 2014-01-11Details
Description A gentle sleeping file, helping you relax and feel embraced for a wonderful sleep.
Intended Effect Fall asleep afterwards, feeling held.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a deep state of relaxation and encouraged to fall asleep. The listener is instructed to let their body float and their mind drift while listening to his voice. They are told to relax and become more and more relaxed as they continue to listen. The listener is not yet ready to fall asleep but remains in a state of relaxation, still aware of his words. The listener is encouraged to let themselves go completely into a deep state where they don't have to think or move. They are reminded to be empty and obedient, and to let go of thoughts, worries, and cares. The listener is guided further into a deep trance where they feel completely blank and relaxed, ready to sleep. They are reminded to stay awake and listen to his voice. The listener continues to drift and enjoy the feeling of being ready to fall asleep. They are encouraged to be empty and obedient and to listen to his voice. The listener is reminded that every mention of being empty and obedient takes them deeper into relaxation. The listener is encouraged to surrender and let everything go, entering a submissive state where they listen to his voice and relax. They are reminded of the pleasant feeling of being deep and submissive. The listener is guided to feel warm and safe and to relax completely. Finally, the listener is counted down into sleep, with each number taking them deeper into relaxation. They are reminded that the words "empty and obedient" always guide them deep. The listener is encouraged to sleep deeply and peacefully, not having to wake up until they want to.

CategoriesInduction, Sleep
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