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June, 2014

Free in June, 2014

26 - Aroused Repeat For when you want to feel arousal. Intense, fiery arousal. 14:00 - Very strong arousal through repetition.
25 - Obedient Repeat For those that desire, deep inside, to obey completely. 13:55 - Obedience training through repetition.
24 - Sleep Coiled Embraced by the coils of a certain snake. My pretty morsel, my prey. It is time to sleep, time to surrender. Time to submit. 10:22 - Fall asleep while in snake bondage.
23 - Cute Kitty Just a quick simple file by request to turn you into a lovable, playful, relaxed and curious cute kitty. 09:28 - Set a cute kitty trigger.
22 - Healthy Repeat Make yourself eat better, lose weight and feel better by repeating my words and repeating this file. 10:02 - Improve physical health through repetition.