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January, 2015

Free in January, 2015

72 - Shower Induction A warm relaxing way to go down before the next file. 12:01 - Induction without waking, based on shower.
71 - Anal Arousal By request a devious file for a deviant place. 11:13 - Arousal for anal attention.
70 - Wake Up Aroused A good morning file to start the day with delicious desire. 09:37 - Arousal triggered upon waking up (by me or by alarm)
69 - Sleeping In The Box Put away a whole night long... Combine this with the Control Induction for an amazing night! 16:50 - Objectification and isolation, yet protected and treasured.
68 - New Beginnings Let go of the past. Embrace the future. Allow yourself to have nice things. 17:09 - Deep trance to put bad memories into perspective and embrace the possibility of good experiences.

Visuals in January, 2015

Spiral Large (rainbow)
Spiral Large