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March, 2015

Free in March, 2015

83 - Edging And Denial Instructions to touch but none to release. 21:36 - Unable to orgasm without command.
82 - Resistance Challenge Try to stay awake as you are slowly and deeply conquered. 20:57 - Deep trance, focusing on resistance.
81 - Total Enslavement Listen at your own risk! Enslaves you completely, making you mine. You have no choice anymore... 17:54 - Enslavement, deep trance and basic rules.
80 - Sleeping Gas Induction A delicious anaesthetic, guiding you in a deep trance without end. 12:13 - Induction without waking, based on breathing/gas.

Visuals in March, 2015

Deep Circle
Spiral Dots
Spiral Dots (alternate)
Soft Spiral
Torus Spiral
Rainbow Smoke
Digital Brain