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February, 2014

Free in February, 2014

12 - Being Held Sometimes all we need is to be held. To feel a warm embrace of strong protective arms around us. 09:33 - Feeling held and protected.
♀ 11 - Nature's Embrace A lovely real fantasy about walking through a forest and having nature take you. 11:55 - Bound, trapped and fucked by vines/tentacles.
10 - Fun Fractionation Fractionation is fun! By pulling you down and up again you will feel so wonderfully fuzzy. 09:26 - Fractionation and deepening.
9 - Obedient Slut Who doesn't want to be turned into an obedient, horny, wanting slut? 12:18 - Increase arousal, sluttiness and obedience.
8 - Everyday Arousal Something to listen to while doing something else, making you aroused! 09:56 - Background file to increase arousal.
7 - Vampiric Dream Will you survive the bite of a vampire? What will you lose? Your sanity? Your control? 12:36 - Fantasy experience, inspire obedience.