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March, 2014

Free in March, 2014

Cleaning Ritual A ritual for cleaning. 01:28 - Ritual for cleaning.
Eating Ritual A ritual for eating. 01:22 - Ritual for eating.
Sleeping Ritual A ritual for sleeping. 01:25 - Ritual for sleeping.
♂ Peeing M Ritual A ritual for peeing (male only). 01:23 - Ritual for toilet, male.
♀ Peeing F Ritual A ritual for peeing (female only). 01:27 - Ritual for toilet, female.
15 - Oral Fixation Something to listen to while sucking and to improve the experience for both involved. 12:37 - Increased arousal and focus on the sucking object, plus orgasm.
14 - Bimbo Happiness Carefree and careless. Who wants to buy some shoes? 10:06 - Mental diminishing and open mind.
13 - Tentacle Induction When you thought your bed was safe... Tentacles seduce and conquer you. 09:48 - Taken and fucked by tentacles.