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November, 2014

Free in November, 2014

64 - Mindless Fucktoy Brainwashing & Programming WARNING: Brainwashing/programming file. Listen only if you want to become a Mindless Fucktoy. - Adds triggers for owner, limits reprogramming to Nimja. 30:18 - Triggers in this file: activate, hot, crave, touch, cum and deactivate (prefix trigger with "fucktoy").
63 - Poetic Induction A journey going nowhere and everywhere. Words guiding you into dreams and fantasies. 16:54 - Dreamlike, slow induction
62 - Orgasmic Induction Touching instructions for an orgasmic induction and surrendered seduction. 15:42 - Deep surrender after an orgasm.
61 - Control Induction A deep induction focused around control, without an end... 14:26 - Induction without waking, based on control
♀ 60 - Massage Reward A well-earned, intense and warm reward for a female sub. 25:42 - Massage and happy ending.
59 - Whisper Induction A gentle whisper induction. My take on an ASMR recording. 14:50 - Deep trance and mental image trigger for calm.
58 - Peaceful Moment A moment of peace no matter where you are. 06:23 - Quick deep trance for a mental reset.
57 - The Slave Inside A story and journey about finding the slave inside. 16:49 - Put you in a slave state and ask a show of dedication.