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December, 2017

Free in December, 2017

364 - Little Blanket Fort Isn't it fun to use a corner of your mind to build the nicest blanket fort ever? 11:01 - Safe place for your little one.
362 - Decorate Your Mind Let's make your mind a little bit prettier and happier together. 08:33 - Pretty positive thoughts.
361 - Losing To Arousal A slow fall into the sweet tempting loss of control that is arousal and denial. 21:27 - Involuntary orgasm denial.
360 - Little Obedient Not everyone wants to be a rebellious brat. In fact, sometimes you just want to be an obedient little. 11:45 - Subby little transformation.
358 - Lose Your Memories Know that feeling when someone cleans your room and you can't find anything? Imagine that happening to your memories. 12:38 - Temporary memory loss.
357 - Experimental Obedience Drug Do you want to help me test this new, perfectly safe drug. To see how obedient it makes you? 13:39 - Chemical obedience and more.
Live 23 - Brainwashing Laboratory Enjoy a tour around a sub-wing of the R&D department in Nimja Incorporated. 30:48 - Multiple experimental trances

Patron releases in December, 2017

363 - Slime Girl Transformation Melt body and mind into a puddle and be reborn into a beautiful, sex-craved slime girl. 18:03 - Slow, sexy transformation.
Live Light 1 - Group Orientation Invited with the whole class to visit one of the Nimja Incorporated offices. 22:02 - Class brainwashing.
359 - Kidnapping Nightmare Just listening to something while laying in bed. A memory, a dream or maybe a nightmare... 19:31 - Kidnapped, drugged, programmed, oral and amnesia.

Unlocked in December, 2017

249 - Submissive Touch A simple lesson in what hand to use when listening to me. 11:43 - Off-hand control.
♀ 245 - Gynecology Exam A fantasy about an examination that is perhaps more pleasurable than normal. 22:41 - Intimate exam.

Visuals in December, 2017

Growing Flower
Coil Cycles