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February, 2024

Free in February, 2024

Special - One Thousand Words The top 1000 words, based on in how many gentle files they occur. 18:19 - Delightful confusion.
1000 - Completely Hooked Familiar words, woven into a new, intense experience of pleasure, submission and aftercare. 55:40 - Enslavement, pleasure and surrender.

Unlocked in February, 2024

903 - Under My Power A reminder for your unconscious of something you already know. 20:45 - Emotional play, surrender and deepening my control
Live Light 32 - Alien Machines You find a device that feels very, very good to use. Maybe too good. 18:29 - Trapped by alien pleasure tech.
899 - Touch And Love Yourself Soft instructions to explore, enjoy and accept yourself physically and emotionally. 18:15 - Empowering pleasure and exploration.