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January, 2024

Free in January, 2024

999 - Mindless Fucktoy Edging & Conditioning WARNING: Powerful hypnosis. Edge for me as I make you into a perfect fucktoy, eager to serve and needing to be used. 29:40 - Triggers in this file: activate, hot, crave, touch, cum and deactivate. (prefix trigger with "fucktoy")
998 - Sweet Sleep Therapy When you can't sleep, comfort and headpats are only a few doors away. 18:20 - Letting go of thoughts and emotions for a restful sleep.
997 - A Good Slave Listens Feeling your body and mind become completely obedient and submissive. 17:57 - Makes you more obedient and eager to listen to me, files and your dominant.
996 - Hypnotic Brainwashing Whispers This will make you enjoy hypnosis and my work in particular, even more. 15:32 - More sensitive to my hypnosis.
995 - Spying On A Crazy Scientist Watch an unstable scientist experiment on a patient and get caught to have the same happen to you. 37:07 - WARNING: Control chipped against your will. Makes you more vulnerable to me.
994 - Hypnosis Challenge How creative is your mind? Experience 8 different hypnotic phenomena in a chill environment. 21:48 - Fun with hypnosis.
993 - Shower Tentacle Rape WARNING: Being taken against your will by an unknown monster while enjoying a shower. 22:35 - Aphrodisiac slimy tentacles, penetrating, stimulating and forcing you to an orgasm.
992 - Another Tea With Nimja Once you get me going about hypnosis, I might ramble a bit. 18:50 - Conversational and playful trance.
991 - Endless Hands-free Orgasms More blissful hypnosis with pleasurable results for all genders! No need for touching, but you might need to clean up later. 24:33 - Repeatable orgasms without physical touch.

Unlocked in January, 2024

895 - Remote Vibration Trigger Setting and playing with a trigger for an imagined toy. 14:42 - Trigger: Vibration (number) to cause pleasure.
891 - Unaware Masturbating Teased into touching without awareness and stopping when you notice. Enduring for a while. 19:07 - Alternating awareness and touching.
887 - Helpless Repeat It starts so gentle, yet leaves you so powerless and open. 14:36 - Helpless to my power.