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December, 2023

Free in December, 2023

990 - Still Thinking For You A gentle way for you to let go of your thoughts as I take over for a while. 21:15 - More open to my suggestions and very blank.
989 - A Touch Of Comfort A bit of self-care through sensual sensations. 19:46 - Soft masturbation and relaxation.
988 - Mysterious Sleigh Ride A chilly ride outside, through forest, cave and over a cracking lake, ending in a nice warm place. 16:42 - A cool adventure and sleepy warmth.
986 - Constant Pull Just like gravity, the pull of trance is always there as soon as you relax. 15:05 - Easier going into trance.
985 - You Will Beg We both know how this will end, which makes the journey all the sweeter. 20:12 - Made to beg, repeatedly.
984 - Melting Reality Like a painting, allow reality to blend, mix and melt as you stare. 14:50 - Visual effect and inspired creativity.
Live 88 - Limitless Bliss A wonderful moment, stretched out, again and again. 16:23 - Sweet bliss and time dilation.

Patron releases in December, 2023

🔒 987 - Corner Table Service A dinner date with me at a nice dark table leads to actions that feel so natural. 17:58 - Serving me orally under the table, without knowing.
🔒 Live Light 37 - Alien Sex Shop Ending up at a strange, alien shop that sells deeply pleasurable devices of a strange nature. 24:47 - Various bizarre, very sexual experiences.
🔒 983 - Phantom Sensation Experiment Participate in a monitored test where you feel touches without direct stimulation. 32:10 - Escalating sensations the more you enjoy them.

Unlocked in December, 2023

883 - Circular Pendulum Wax Laying down, with skin exposed under a wax-dripping pendulum. 14:47 - Wax-play towards a certain spot.
Live Light 31 - Drone Factory Tour A nice private tour of a Nimja Inc (human) drone factory, providing a complete understanding. 35:57 - Lured into dronification.
879 - Distressing Choice After seeing a strange stage-show, you decide to pay the price for rescuing the offering. 37:08 - Viewing first, then feeling pain, pleasure and control.

Visuals in December, 2023

Sparkly Waves