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November, 2023

Free in November, 2023

982 - Trancy Touches Feel caresses over your hand, arm and side of your head to induce hypnosis. 13:52 - Calming caresses.
981 - Dreaming Of Surrender Are you aware of how much you're dreaming of this or are you still finding out? 17:43 - WARNING: Will inspire dreams of surrendering to me.
980 - Gentle And Strict A little bit of strictness and a lot of gentle words to help you feel comfortable to let go. 13:08 - Melting your stubbornness.
978 - Mental Sunset A very gentle feeling of your mind setting into blankness. 10:56 - Open calmness.
977 - Edging To Submit Strong words that make you surrender while you edge. 21:36 - WARNING: Increases obedience to me.
976 - Blanket Enjoy the weight of a blanket as you drift into a nice blank sleepy state. 11:26 - Feeling cuddled by your blanket.
Special - Casting Your Mask Lay down and let's make a nice, plaster mask of your face, so you can decorate it. 13:42 - Relaxation and stillness.
974 - Ready To Explode For when your emotions are bubbling over and you can't quite contain them. 14:00 - Encouraged to listen, feel and see yourself.

Patron releases in November, 2023

🔒 979 - Pathetically Horny You really can't help yourself, can you? Will you listen? 20:58 - Blush, shame, arousal and desire.
🔒 975 - Fractionation Thirst Both a denial and an over-indulgence of trance, leading to desire. 17:26 - Deep craving and blankness.

Unlocked in November, 2023

875 - Vanished Will Pill Finding a small pill with a tempting, dangerous promise. Will you take it? 24:25 - WARNING: Will leave you very vulnerable/open.
871 - More Obedient To Me A dangerous file that will take away your choice and make you obey. 21:44 - WARNING: Makes you obey me, want to submit and listen more.