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October, 2023

Free in October, 2023

973 - The Sin Reaper Be careful what you desire or... it will find you. 13:35 - A sharp flash whenever you think something naughty.
972 - Compliant Candy This Nimja Inc candy is low on calories and high in compliance. 12:46 - Melting thoughts and more compliant afterwards.
970 - Blanket Ghost Wearing a blanket over yourself as if you're a ghost makes you feel so blank. 13:21 - Blissfully blank comfort.
969 - Feeding Vampire Lust Bitten by a vampire, almost drained and refilled, feeling the pleasure as you're kept on the edge. 15:17 - WARNING: Vampire victim without choice.
968 - Reading Into Hypnosis Is this an induction or an introduction and are you learning something or is it learning about you? 15:43 - Conversational confusion.
966 - Fall Leaves Experience the gentle drifting fall of a single leaf, all the way down to the ground. 09:18 - Feel like a falling leaf.
965 - Tentacle Orgasm Torture Caught by a strange figure that uses dark, smokey tentacles to wear you down with pleasure. 22:28 - WARNING: Forced pleasure until your mind breaks.
Live 87 - Creepy Castle Entering a castle to brave a storm, you find yourself exploring and strangely trapped for a while. 24:44 - Story to become the new keeper.

Patron releases in October, 2023

🔒 971 - Anal Training Learning to enjoy and prepare yourself for more anal enjoyment in a pleasurable, hypnotic way. 21:11 - Stimulating instructions, appropriate toy recommended.
🔒 Live Light 36 - Naga Embrace Hypnotized by a strange half human, half snake that drains your will and teases you within their coils. 19:09 - Constricted in snake-like coils, squeezed and rubbed.
🔒 967 - Flirting With Fear An experiment with fear, arousal and excitement. 14:11 - WARNING: Leaves you vulnerable and emotional.

Unlocked in October, 2023

867 - Tricky Treat An unusual candy that gives you strange waves of blankness and wanting. 18:58 - Hypnotic horny candy.
Live Light 30 - Scientist Fixation Perhaps the devices around you are following instructions by someone else... 24:01 - Possibly manipulated by tech around you.
863 - Alien Test Subject Abducted, experimented on until they can make you comply with pleasure and brainwashing. 30:21 - Analyzed, stripped, hurt and pleasured.

Visuals in October, 2023

Colored Sand Spiral