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September, 2023

Free in September, 2023

964 - Put Back Together Put back together as a pretty puppet when things have been rough and you feel alone. 25:02 - Repaired and cleaned up, as a puppet.
962 - Pillow Fight A nice suggestion to encourage playful interactions with pillows. 10:13 - Pulled down with every blow.
961 - Observing Your Surrender Half narration, half induction, completely deepening your submission. 15:27 - Making you surrender.
960 - You Were Confident A very deep trance you may not remember even though you were so sure before we began. 16:34 - Surprisingly deep trance.
958 - Time Out Is your head too busy? Are you being hyperactive again? All over the place? 14:39 - Put into a comfy corner.
957 - Surrounded By Pleasure Sometimes there is no way out and you can only go deeper. 18:36 - Ghostly touches, outside and in.
Live 86 - Distorted Resistance A confusing game of resistance with changing rules and a cheating hypnotist. 22:17 - Very deep, intense, controlled trance.

Patron releases in September, 2023

🔒 963 - Free Use Unaware For when free use is not enough and you want to become unaware of how and when they use you. 20:39 - Touched or used without knowing.
🔒 959 - Big Bad Wolf A story you know from retellings and can maybe imagine how dark it could be. 22:00 - Primal lust, awakened inside.

Unlocked in September, 2023

859 - Everyday Dreamy Desire Teasing words to create an erotic daydreaming state. 16:04 - Background, inspiring naughty fantasies.
855 - Mental Data Corruption Instructions to help with memory malfunctions and corruption. 22:05 - Confusion and desire to explore.