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August, 2023

Free in August, 2023

956 - Bratty Bed Threads A sweet takedown of a doll, puppet or marionette brat on strings. 13:36 - Pulled down to bed for sleep.
954 - Thinking Is Hard Thinking takes away the energy you might want to use for something else. 14:19 - Left mindless and blank.
953 - Edging Brainwashing Chair It's time for you to be strapped in until there's nothing left of your mind anymore. 32:43 - WARNING: Deep obedience, forced pleasure and conditioning to me.
952 - Walking Through Paintings From observing to entering a painting and exploring even more. 16:26 - A colorful journey.
950 - Invisible Threads Unseen supports that stay for a while as long as you're comfortable. 11:09 - Support or helping to move you.
949 - Touch Of Perversion Corrupt your mind (even) more by listening to this. 14:56 - Inspiring naughty thoughts and fantasies.
Live 85 - Sweet Sorbet Enjoy a cold, delicious dessert with various fruity flavors. 15:45 - Relaxing, cooling and refreshing.
948 - Dropped By Accident? Something that can happen when you're with someone you trust and very used to hypnosis. 13:40 - Almost conversational trance.

Patron releases in August, 2023

🔒 955 - Vampire Bedtime Snack Bitten by a vampire and put to bed as you lose your strength. 11:52 - Drained and made to dream of serving.
🔒 Live Light 35 - Perverted Pill Trying out a pill at a convention has some interesting side-effects. 18:37 - Increasingly more taboo and perverted fantasies.
🔒 951 - Sexy Signs Of Surrender As you notice yourself going into trance, you can't help but be aroused by it. 19:37 - Hypnotic signs becoming arousing.
🔒 947 - Barbed Wire Bondage Tied down with and being made to lay on barbed wire, hurt with every move. 16:30 - WARNING: Pain, scratches and more.

Unlocked in August, 2023

851 - Lust At Sea Careful, as you will be drowning in pleasure before too long. 19:18 - Gentle waves to deep tsunami of arousal.
Live Light 29 - Tempting Teacher Sometimes the mood just carries you into tempting fate and teacher. 24:27 - Caught teasing and hypnotized with frustration.
847 - Brainstorm After a programming file, your mind is so busy with rewiring... it's like a storm. 09:55 - Intensifying programming/conditioning.
843 - Slave Purpose This file will, if possible, enslave you even deeper to my voice to show your purpose. 21:25 - WARNING: Deeply enslaving to me.