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July, 2023

Free in July, 2023

946 - A Slow Submerge A slow, cool, sensation of submersion into a refreshing body of water. 11:44 - Cooling and calming trance.
945 - Pulled Down To Pleasure With each pull, you feel that shock of pleasure pulling you down into trance. 15:29 - Little shocks and lingering pulls.
944 - Deep Into My Eyes A common cliché that has very good reason to be linked to hypnosis. 13:23 - Powerfully hypnotized while staring.
942 - Softly Serving Serving them with small tasks helps you to focus and feel comfort. 11:30 - Gentle submission in acts of care.
941 - Good Fucktoy Helping you be a fucktoy and making you want to be used even more. 20:07 - (Re)training triggers; activate, deactivate, hot, crave (prefix with "fucktoy")
940 - Sleeping Beauty A variation of the fairy tale where you are put into a dreamless sleep for the night. 12:51 - Enchanted/cursed into sleep.
Live 84 - Wild Wolf Bite In a glade you were not supposed to find, a wolf hunts you and makes you its pet. 26:39 - Trained as the pet of a wolf.

Patron releases in July, 2023

943 - Random Markings A story about someone who forgot how they got symbols on their body. 13:33 - Forget the next file and mark yourself without knowing.
939 - Because I Want To A powerful journey of me doing what I want to your mind and body. 26:03 - WARNING: Pushes my will and power.

Unlocked in July, 2023

839 - Dragged Down Today I have no patience, you will do exactly as I say, whether you want to or not. 16:24 - WARNING: Dark and degrading. Aftercare recommended.
835 - Unnoticed Control Can you ever be aware of how deep my control over you really is? 17:41 - Inspiration to submit even more.