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June, 2023

Free in June, 2023

938 - Ambiguous Induction A slow induction to allow relaxation and trance to spread through your body and mind. 17:33 - Conversational fascination.
937 - Horny Hydration Keep yourself hydrated and horny, one leading into the other. 12:17 - Replenish the liquid you're leaking.
936 - Eye-rolling Experiment An experiment with eye-rolls and flutters to help you fall deeper into trance. 16:53 - Enjoy as your eyes flutter and roll back with trance.
934 - Helplessness Explore this strange, intense emotion, leading both in and out of trance. 15:02 - Feeling helpless and powerless.
933 - Building Arousal Slowly building hypnotic arousal that teases you to do something about it. 21:05 - Increasing arousal that continues after the file.
932 - A Simple Task Staying still, holding a thing, a stare or a pose, is so easy to focus on. 14:13 - Blank stillness of body and mind.
Live 83 - Starlit Lookout Walk with me to a beautiful lookout where you fall asleep among the stars. 17:13 - Staring at stars until you drift to sleep.
930 - Watched While You Sleep Slowly falling asleep while you feel observed, aware of your reactions. 14:20 - Suggestive observation.

Patron releases in June, 2023

935 - Thorny Trap Trapped by thorny vines, drugged and penetrated helplessly. 19:45 - WARNING: Pain, bleeding and force.
Live Light 34 - Held In Chains Caught after sneaking in, shackled, gagged, clothes cut away, chained to a wall. 20:26 - Senses taken away the longer you are chained.
931 - Mindless Masturbation Rub your thoughts away as each wave of pleasure brings you deeper in hypnosis. 22:22 - Partially unaware masturbation that lasts for a while after.

Unlocked in June, 2023

831 - Submit To Me A short, dominant session to make you submissive and obedient. 11:50 - A reminder and a command.
Live Light 28 - Failed Demonic Experiment Perhaps demonic heat could help in this steampunk world. 23:44 - Demonic influence to experiment sexually.
827 - Feeding On Wet Dreams Something out there really needs you to have naughty dreams for their enjoyment. 14:03 - Entities that inspire sexy dreams.

Visuals in June, 2023

Gentle Eclipse
Flowing Spiral