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May, 2023

Free in May, 2023

929 - Hypnotic Orgasm Experiment A long buildup, a splash of denial and much teasing, tempting and confusion until... 23:55 - A deep, intense, hands-free orgasm.
928 - Cleanup And Reset A powerful way to remove suggestions, triggers and more and increasing subject agency. 18:38 - Choice removal of triggers/suggestions.
926 - Spiral Staircase Induction A simple, gentle induction from a busy place to calm and peaceful. 11:34 - Teaching trance and setting a fall trigger.
925 - Gagged And Tied Starting out simple and progressively getting more intense, perhaps against your will. 19:07 - Gagged, tied, blindfolded and prepared to be brainwashed.
924 - Mental Screensaver A calming, momentary distraction to help your mind clean up. 09:25 - Refreshing letting go.
Live 82 - Embrace Your Kink Talking about accepting who you are and how you want to express your desires. 20:05 - Healthy, consensual acceptance.
922 - Brainwashing Force Let yourself follow the flow and carried on the current of this mysterious force. 19:15 - More easily hypnotized by me (and others you trust).
921 - Moan-GPT Become a horny, arousing assistant to help others find their pleasure. 18:45 - Making you an AI-like, pleasure assistant.

Patron releases in May, 2023

927 - Slow Scratches Many gentle scratches wherever you are comfortable feeling them. 13:07 - Teasy and inviting into trance.
923 - Wherever You Are A powerful reminder of my control over your mind, no matter the distance. 19:28 - Strengthening my control over you.

Unlocked in May, 2023

823 - Nothing But Arousal From a little flame to an all-consuming fire. 17:37 - Reduced/converted to pure pleasure.
819 - Secret Sex Toy Outwardly so powerful and strong, yet inside a deep secret lies. 17:12 - Edged and reminded of my power over you.

Visuals in May, 2023

Spiral Corridor