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April, 2023

Free in April, 2023

920 - Before The King Brought before the king as a prisoner and made into a servant. 16:14 - Experiencing the story.
918 - Reverse Escape Room Instead of trying to get out, maybe you'd like to go into trance instead. 12:59 - Confusing, trapping trance.
917 - Pleasure Reward Points A new reward system is proving to be very popular in the Nimja Inc workplace. 17:32 - A demo of all the rewards.
916 - Your Precious Mind I'd like to tell you how much I enjoy playing with your mind. 14:40 - Praise, conversational and confusion.
915 - Under Your Skin My control really gets to you on a deep level, you can't quite resist it. 15:02 - Mantras, conquered and frustration.
914 - Slight Adjustments A few brush-strokes, perhaps a little sculpting or a bit of sound. 10:40 - Subtle positivity.
913 - Forgotten Vampire Bite It is said that the bite of a vampire feels incredibly good, if you can remember. 16:23 - Bitten and made to forget, again?
Live 81 - A Night In The Jungle Exploring the Jungle to find a flower that only grows at night. 19:13 - Finding something nice.

Patron releases in April, 2023

919 - Presenting Your Desire Treat them well as you really want to express your need, your want and craving to them. 18:14 - Wanting to express arousal.
Live Light 33 - Free Use Explaining the concept of free use with lots of examples. 24:56 - Wanting to be free used.

Unlocked in April, 2023

815 - Hotel Service Droid Working at a hotel where you feel so incredible after your shift. 27:47 - WARNING: CNC, Sexually serving guests without remembering.
Live Light 27 - Tortured With Pleasure Many sensations, starting soft and combining pain and pleasure until you're forced to edge. 31:58 - Pleasurable and frustrating teasing.
811 - Kinky Conquering Hair-pulling, face-slapping, throat-grabbing and more as you're physically and verbally dominated. 20:04 - Put into a submissive state.