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March, 2023

Free in March, 2023

912 - Fidget Toy Focus Playing with a fidget toy or other gizmo can be so relaxing. 09:49 - Calm time as you fidget.
910 - Want Sometimes you just feel like you want something, maybe. 13:03 - Trance denial.
909 - Hypno Café: Spicy Selection Fancy drinks that affect your body and mind in different hot ways. 22:05 - Sensation and desire play.
908 - Hypnotized And Watched Something to listen to while a friend or someone else close to you is watching you. 10:59 - Playful hypnosis with some up and down.
Special - The Digits Of Pi π 03:14 - π
906 - Thinking Fast And Slow Speeding up and slowing down until there's nothing left. 14:24 - Confusion and overloading.
905 - Inside Your Arousal Exploring inside your own body and mind to experience pleasure more vividly. 16:34 - Mindful enjoyment.
Live 80 - Pet Personality Upload Experience the implant of a little chip, the upload and a very playful pet mode. 16:59 - Temporary pet mode.
904 - Lose Your Free Will Lose your ability to choose, think or decide for a while. 17:36 - Deep, guided hypnosis.

Patron releases in March, 2023

911 - Tentacle Surprise A strange tentacle creature notices you during a forest walk and takes you away from the path. 20:44 - Torn clothing, hurt, pleasured, pulled into shallow water.
907 - Infinite Arousal The more you investigate your desire, the deeper it will go. 13:37 - Focus becomes pleasure.

Unlocked in March, 2023

807 - Ragdoll Drug Injected with a special substance that makes your body limp and unmoving, but still able to feel. 14:43 - Helpless ragdoll state for about an hour.
803 - Sensual Temptation Soft touches, flirting words, encouraging ideas and space for you to feel. 20:32 - Sweet, building arousal.
799 - Irresistible Control People really like the power I have over them, as do you. 26:31 - Craving to be controlled by me.

Visuals in March, 2023

Chromatic Spiral
Julia Fractal
Spinny Dots