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February, 2023

Free in February, 2023

902 - Revivification Remember that time when you felt really good? 07:15 - Revive a memory, vividly.
901 - Hidden Tease A few, barely visible sensations for you to enjoy in public. 11:26 - A naughty, playful reminder.
900 - Torn Down Stripped of your self until nothing remains, and you learn to listen. 18:43 - More suggestible to me and more aware of yourself.
898 - Brain Rinse Lighter and easier than a full brainwash. 08:39 - Quick blank trance.
897 - Teasing Bites Nibbled and bitten on your hand, wrist, arm, shoulder and neck. Eventually. 15:44 - Biting, some pain and desire for more.
Live 79 - Mental Unpacking Let's make some space to sit down and organise your thoughts. 16:12 - Unpacking and sorting old thoughts, ideas and feelings.
896 - An Innocent Walk Some conversation while you're walking outside, entirely innocent of course. 15:43 - Suggestive words without showing.

Patron releases in February, 2023

903 - Under My Power A reminder for your unconscious of something you already know. 20:45 - Emotional play, surrender and deepening my control
Live Light 32 - Alien Machines You find a device that feels very, very good to use. Maybe too good. 18:29 - Trapped by alien pleasure tech.
899 - Touch And Love Yourself Soft instructions to explore, enjoy and accept yourself physically and emotionally. 18:15 - Empowering pleasure and exploration.

Unlocked in February, 2023

Live Light 26 - Restrictive Bondage All your physical freedoms, carefully taken away one by one. 27:12 - Blindfold, headphones, ball-gag and rope.
795 - Waves Of Wanting From small ripples to powerful surges of sensations, these will make you feel good. 18:36 - Growing desire.
791 - Called To Serve A call with a trigger, soon travelling. Serving orally and sexually for their pleasure. 20:55 - Made to serve mindlessly.

Visuals in February, 2023

Folding Lines
Sound Pendulum