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January, 2023

Free in January, 2023

894 - Caring Whispers Let me take care of you while you relax and unwind, all cozy and comfortable. 15:59 - Close whispers while you relax.
893 - Follow It can feel so good to obediently follow, to be led and not have to think at all. 13:17 - A command to follow.
892 - Memory Capacity Exceeded Messing with your moment-to-moment perception is a very strange experience. 13:58 - Short-term memory loss and confusion.
890 - Helping You Sleep A nice breathing exercise and some progressive relaxation to help you sleep. 10:08 - Relaxing hypnosis to drift.
889 - Inside The Cage Inside you will be safe, blank, obedient and ready to be used. 17:30 - Willingly entering a metal cage.
888 - Exploring Infinity An exploration of some of the infinite possibilities of hypnosis and trance. 15:45 - Layered confusion and depth.

Patron releases in January, 2023

895 - Remote Vibration Trigger Setting and playing with a trigger for an imagined toy. 14:42 - Trigger: Vibration (number) to cause pleasure.
891 - Unaware Masturbating Teased into touching without awareness and stopping when you notice. Enduring for a while. 19:07 - Alternating awareness and touching.
887 - Helpless Repeat It starts so gentle, yet leaves you so powerless and open. 14:36 - Helpless to my power.

Unlocked in January, 2023

787 - Public Teasing Whispers Something to definitely not listen to while you are in public. 23:15 - Slow, teasing arousal and possible release.
783 - Sinking Into Obedience Sink deep below the surface of the mind's ocean, into the unconscious and beyond. 18:53 - Losing yourself into obedience.