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September, 2015

Free in September, 2015

122 - Employee Orientation Guide Welcome to Nimja Incorporated, please be seated and put on your headphones. 12:12 - Interesting indoctrination.
♀ 121 - Lactation Training Daily instructions to make your breasts lactate, combined with some gentle hypnosis. 12:29 - Induced lactation through training.
120 - Workout Induction Something nice to relax your mind while you work your body obediently for about 10 minutes. 10:10 - Physical and mental induction.
118 - Velvet Cage A soft, unyielding place to be kept. Do you feel safe, or trapped? 07:52 - Short fantasy about being in a velvet-lined cage.
117 - Orgasmic Sleep Fall asleep in your post-orgasmic glow, while I program your mind. 14:48 - Orgasm, sleep and obedience.
116 - Winding Down A simple file to help quiet your mind. Good to prepare for other files or simply to help with stress. 09:42 - Clearing thoughts

Patron releases in September, 2015

123 - Slave Trap Once you begin there is no way out. Do you dare put this on repeat? 17:41 - Looping enslavement.
🔒 119 - Worship Me Do you wish to learn your place? Do you crave to understand your purpose? 18:57 - Given purpose and degraded.
🔒 115 - Late Night Victim Walking the streets at a late hour, you are seen... noticed and taken against your will. 16:04 - Rape fantasy.

Visuals in September, 2015

Moving Dots