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October, 2015

Free in October, 2015

132 - Jack O Lantern Induction Just a simple focus induction on something different. 09:31 - Simple trance without end.
130 - Haunted House A scary file that will make you believe that your house is haunted. 12:09 - The jitters.
129 - Fucktoy Virus A gentle reminder to help you not forget what to listen to. 11:31 - Mental virus.
128 - Naughty Little Witch Enchant others with your lovely playful self. It's good to spread the joy. 10:31 - Confident playful flirting.
126 - Sleep Whispers A simple, gentle file to help you sleep with no more than a few whispers. 11:39 - ASMR sleep file.
125 - Surrender To Pleasure Attempt to resist the temptation of touching yourself, as touching means surrender. 21:00 - Makes you deeply aroused and asks you to thank me.
124 - Warm Bath Just a nice moment to relax your body and your mind. 15:22 - Simple induction, deepener and waking.

Patron releases in October, 2015

131 - Pleasurable Pain There is a lot of pleasure to be had in pain... But, are you ready for it? 07:51 - Link between pleasure and pain.
127 - Anal Craving Curse Are you ready to crave something deeply naughty... over and over again? 11:47 - Relentless repeated craving.