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November, 2015

Free in November, 2015

♀ 140 - Bimbo Beautysalon Please enjoy this complimentary treatment in our top-of-the-line facility! 18:19 - Bimbo transformation fantasy.
138 - Positive Repeat It's okay to embrace the good and the bad in yourself. 12:34 - Think positive through repetition.
137 - Under My Desk A different place where you can belong, where you can find purpose. 17:14 - Oral fucktoy fantasy.
136 - Playful Puppy Will the happy little puppy come out and play? 08:58 - Gentle puppy transformation.
134 - Lose Your Voice Sometimes it's nice not to be able to talk so you don't have to think about what to say. 09:50 - Unable to speak for up to two hours.
133 - Over The Knee Spanking When you need a reminder of your place... So come over here and bend over my knee. 13:40 - Emotional relief through spanking. - Aftercare recommended after this.

Patron releases in November, 2015

🔒 ♀ 139 - Lolita Transformation A fantasy transformation for adults, based on a book/movie. 15:48 - WARNING: Early-teen age regression with sexuality.
135 - The Storm Inside There is a deep storm raging inside of you, in need of release. 18:04 - Deep feral buildup.

Visuals in November, 2015

Dancing Lines
Growing Vines
Static Pulse