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January, 2017

Free in January, 2017

260 - Safe Flight This helps you feel less worried about flying. Can be listened to in the plane but requires an induction first. 08:53 - Anti-anxiety for flights.
259 - Nice And Smooth A kind reminder of how nice it can be to keep things trimmed or shaven downstairs. 06:17 - Encouraged private hygiene.
258 - Bratty Spanking It's okay to be bratty and to be naughty sometimes, but just as important to be put back in your place. 11:52 - Disciplinary spanking.
256 - Submissive Support It's important to be reminded not only of your place in the world, but also that of your dominant. 11:23 - Improved communication.
255 - Everyday Mindless Fucktoy Fantastic feel-good fantasizing, tempting you deeper along this path. 14:57 - Background fucktoy education.
254 - Euphoria Help me test something that may help you to feel better. 08:53 - Perfection with a smile.

Patron releases in January, 2017

261 - Everyday Dildo Craving It's alright to feel empty with a deep desire to be filled. 14:03 - Background toy need.
🔒 257 - Hypnotic Abduction Just a story of something that happened, by request. Or were you the one requesting it? 16:53 - Kidnapping fantasy.
253 - Beginning To Serve Let yourself be present in the moment and grow more submissive from there. 15:06 - Eagerness to serve.

Unlocked in January, 2017

152 - Dildo Training Something to help you open up and enjoy being filled. 16:15 - Toy/dildo/plug required for training.
148 - Mindless Fucktoy Obedience Program Upload this program into your mind for improved servitude as a fucktoy. 20:07 - Instilling deep obedience.

Visuals in January, 2017

Pendulum Mirror