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February, 2017

Free in February, 2017

268 - Extra Comfort It's okay to need a bit of extra comfort sometimes. And here it is, if you want it. 08:32 - Gentle comfort.
267 - Public Property Do you want to be tied up in public, naked and vulnerable? Left for any stranger to use you? 10:35 - Setup fantasy for other files.
266 - Lose Your Sight Lose your ability to open your eyes through hypnosis, and enjoy the relaxation that it brings. 15:15 - Unable to open your eyes for a few minutes.
264 - Gradual Dog Transformation Slowly be transformed into a dog. Maybe not the first time you listen, but the next... or the next. 18:24 - Subtle gradual changes.
263 - Wake Up Naughty Begin your day or end your trancing session with a lovely, playful and above all innocent file. 06:31 - Inspired, playful naughtiness.
Live 13 - Possessed Your mind and your body are not your own, they belong to me. 16:51 - Deeply possessed by me.
262 - Recovery Care Trance or hypnosis doesn't always go well. This is here to help you out. 09:00 - Deep rescue.

Patron releases in February, 2017

269 - After Class Distracted in class and slacking on your studies, you've been called to my office. 15:06 - Spanking correction.
🔒 265 - Gagged It is only right for you to be gagged. To be silenced. Just how you should be. 15:25 - Deep need to be gagged.

Unlocked in February, 2017

156 - Arousal Trap Be careful... You may never want to stop listening. 15:34 - Looping, growing arousal.

Visuals in February, 2017

Layered Shapes