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March, 2017

Free in March, 2017

278 - Upload Your Mind Let go of your ego and join the great collective to broaden your mind. 14:24 - Digital self discovery.
276 - Sexy Teasing What could happen if I was right there with you but not allowed to touch? 12:34 - Tempting fantasy.
275 - Rhythmic Orgasm A fun accompaniment for naughty thrusting, by any means. 09:10 - Works best after other files.
274 - Everyday Support Some sweet assurance that everything will be fine. 14:59 - Background emotional support.
272 - Can You Be Hypnotized? Almost everyone can be hypnotized, want to have a try? 05:21 - Quick induction.
271 - Dildo Induction A very enjoyable method of putting yourself in a deep trance. 11:24 - Toy/dildo/plug required for induction
Live 14 - Smarter Become smarter and more able to solve problems. 13:34 - Smarter every day.
270 - Less Shy A welcome way to allow yourself to embrace who you are. 06:42 - Reducing shyness-related anxiety.

Patron releases in March, 2017

🔒 277 - Massage Me It's been a hard day and you will have the rare chance to do something back. 09:34 - Giving me a massage.
🔒 273 - Sex Doll Transformation Made to be immobile yet with a deep desire to be used, ever so aroused and sensitive. 15:55 - Powerless, horny sex doll.

Unlocked in March, 2017

173 - Tentacle Trap Be careful, what you hear may not be true... And yet it could be, just listen again. 18:59 - Looping, trapping fantasy.
169 - Mindless Fucktoy Sleeping Program Upload this program into your mind during bedtime, to improve desire and serving. 24:08 - Instilling arousal and serving.

Visuals in March, 2017

Magic Shapes
Torus Knot