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September, 2017

Free in September, 2017

338 - Total Immersion Become part of whatever you're watching after this. No matter what it is, nice or naughty. 15:31 - Immersion into any character.
337 - Bimbo Makeover Following an ad for a discount mind and body makeover at Nimja Incorporated, you decide to let it go a bit further. 28:13 - Slutty bimbo transformation, oral service fantasy, desire to serve.
336 - Fairy Flight Enjoy this change of perspective as you fly around as a fairy. 13:36 - Exploring dream.
334 - Mermaid Fantasy Transform into a mermaid (or merman), and experience a beautiful landscape beneath the ocean. 17:03 - Mermaid/man fantasy and transformation.
333 - Triple Teasing A fun way to get aroused without any explicit touching or teasing... Or is there? 15:53 - Growing desire.
332 - Being Driven Let me into the driver's seat of your mind while you enjoy a relaxing, refreshing nap. 11:28 - Visual nap.
Live 20 - Learn To Trust Inspiration and guidance to learn to trust yourself and others. 22:32 - Easier trust.

Patron releases in September, 2017

335 - Sentient Suit Something from another world is about to cover your skin... and you might like it. 17:33 - WARNING: Exponential, surprising arousal.
331 - Edging Trap Be careful, once you start touching you might not be able to stop... or orgasm. 14:06 - Looping, frustrating edging.

Visuals in September, 2017

Circle Illusion
Alternating Dots