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August, 2017

Free in August, 2017

330 - Everyday Confidence Help yourself to feel more confident in your abilities and decisions. 12:41 - Background confidence inspiration.
329 - Slave Brainwashing Repeat You won't know what you're getting yourself into as I program your mind to be perfectly submissive and subservient. 18:43 - WARNING: Enslavement!
328 - Stop Cutting Let me help you avoid self harm, not just cutting. And let you know that it's okay to have scars. 17:39 - Self harm acceptance and avoidance.
326 - Heartbeat Induction Listen to your own, or perhaps someone else's, heartbeat. It can be so relaxing. 09:10 - Slowing rhythm.
325 - Like A Virgin Restoring your mind to that state before you knew so much more about sexuality. 13:19 - Mental innocence.
324 - Strict Session Experience a firm talking to. Putting you in your place and reminding you what to do and not to. 11:12 - Putting you in your place.
Live 19 - Patient Enjoy a visit at the successful Correctional Health Institute to help you deal with the stress of life. 26:46 - Strapped down brainwashing.
322 - Mental Massage Help your busy mind relax with this wonderful massage, free of charge! 08:01 - Softer, more pliable thoughts.
321 - Arousing Bath Let yourself sink into this sweet bath that is scented and salted with secret ingredients that help you feel good. 14:21 - Deep, delicious arousal.

Patron releases in August, 2017

327 - Embrace The Pain There is a lot of enjoyment and pleasure in pain. Let this help you prepare yourself for upcoming sensations. 09:58 - Pain/punishment preparation.
323 - Touching On Stage Invited to volunteer for a hypnosis stage show that goes a bit further than planned... 27:41 - Masturbation and orgasm on stage.

Unlocked in August, 2017

209 - Snake Seduction During a walk in the forest, a snake just wants to help you feel safe and sound. 21:06 - Bondage, semi-paralysis and arousal.

Visuals in August, 2017

3D Spiral Stairs
Morphing Spiral
Spiral Web
Particle Spiral