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July, 2017

Free in July, 2017

320 - Stretching Deepener Helping you relax by helping you stretch. Best used between other files. 05:09 - Chance to readjust.
318 - Homesick You're not alone in feeling homesick. It's okay to cry. 13:06 - Homesickness aid.
317 - Tentacle Floating Induction A sweet fantasy of floating on the ocean... Until tentacles grab you, and pull you deep. 13:04 - Pulled into the abyss.
316 - License Agreement A surprisingly evil end-user license agreement that you can't help but listen to. 09:45 - Binding agreement.
314 - Less Intelligent Let yourself become more simple and stop overthinking. Embrace ignorance, it's good for you! 11:40 - Lowering intelligence.
313 - Deeply Erotic Think less and feel more as you learn to accept that you can be sexy and desirable. 16:08 - Sexy acceptance and sensitivity.
Live 18 - Fast-talking A journey through the subconscious with speedy words flowing by. 19:16 - Overloading trance.

Patron releases in July, 2017

319 - Innocent Brainwashing Just a small showing of how I could brainwash you... Probably. 16:37 - Surprising brainwashing.
315 - Foiled Completely wrapped in black foil, from head to toe. It's more intense than you think. 16:57 - Intense cling-wrap bondage.

Unlocked in July, 2017

205 - Needing Release Building up a deep need, a deep craving and desire for the release. 11:40 - Controlled by arousal and obedience.
♀ 201 - Leaking Brain Your thoughts leak out between your legs, until you have nothing left but sweet arousal. 09:14 - Loss of mental capacity in favor of arousal.

Visuals in July, 2017

Moving Mandala
Dancing Sprite