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January, 2020

Free in January, 2020

582 - Everyday Bedtime Routine Something nice in the background while you go through your bedtime routine. 10:22 - Winding down gently.
581 - Invisible Influence Nobody really knows why and when those touches began... 16:09 - Teased, possessed and coerced.
580 - Too Naughty You really shouldn't be listening to this. 14:09 - Implied explicit eroticism.
578 - Become More Productive A few words of inspiration to improve performance, productivity, creativity and comfort. 10:03 - Inspiration to improve.
577 - Slippery Slope Almost completely innocent instructions for oiling up your body pleasurably. 14:45 - Requires nudity and body-safe oil.
576 - Service Imprinting Understanding why you feel such a deep need to serve. 16:40 - WARNING: Injecting memories, makes you more submissive to me and wanting to listen.
574 - Phoenix Rebirth Will you become part of the legend that has been told and retold? 10:30 - The cycle of life.

Patron releases in January, 2020

579 - Blank Stare Repeat Focused on a single spot, taken down into nothingness, almost forgetting to blink. 12:15 - Staring, obedience and surrender.
🔒 575 - Sexy Brainwashing Sleep A story about someone listening to a very... interesting file that takes their mind away. 23:27 - WARNING: Suggests re-listening to more, touching and surrender.

Unlocked in January, 2020

475 - Slave Conditioning A very deep track in your mind that will be carved even deeper by listening. 14:05 - Repeating, conditioning, desire to re-listen, obedience.
471 - Display Box Put in a transparent box, for others to see while you keep on listening to more. 11:13 - Paralyzed and displayed.