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February, 2020

Free in February, 2020

590 - Quiet Your Mind It's so nice when you find a way to let those random thoughts fade away. 10:23 - Calm, quiet head.
♀ 589 - School Property As punishment for misbehavior, you've become something for the teachers to use. 26:57 - WARNING: Touched, fucked, spanked, objectified. Aftercare recommended.
588 - Job Interview A job interview at Nimja Inc. Apparently, no one ever remembers the details of their interview. 13:13 - Forgettable fun interview.
586 - Deserved Praise You've been a very good submissive and have earned some praise. 09:15 - Warm, submissive compliments.
585 - Interrogation Preparation Roughly prepared, drugged and strapped in, to be questioned against your will. 17:38 - WARNING: Fear play setup for a next file.
584 - Everyday Morning Routine Something nice in the background while you go through your wake-up routine. 07:52 - Waking up gently.
Live 46 - Street Magic Surprised by some street magic while on a normal walk. 18:17 - Magical astonishment.

Patron releases in February, 2020

587 - Tabula Rasa After storing who you are now safely away, I blank you into nothingness to be ready for whatever follows. 17:40 - A blank slate without memory.
Live Light 14 - Android Maid Some simple programming to upgrade and install the routines to make you a good android. 17:32 - Enjoying pleasuring, pleasing and chores.
🔒 583 - Break Down Build Up Taking away all the worthless parts to rebuild something useful. 16:53 - WARNING: Degraded, broken apart and build up to serve me. Requires aftercare.

Unlocked in February, 2020

483 - Masked Ball Temptation Approached by a stranger during a strange party where everyone wears a mask. 13:30 - Tempted by the unknown.
Live Light 8 - Submissive Sacrifice Surrender your control and embrace your submission. 19:16 - A dream-like surrender.
479 - Tearing Down Resistance Leaving you gasping for more, craving to be taken deeper, no matter how resistant. 13:08 - Sneaky conquering.

Visuals in February, 2020

Morphing Shapes