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March, 2020

Free in March, 2020

598 - Instant Comfort A quick, direct way to help you feel safer and comforted in busy times. 07:02 - Reassurance and safety.
597 - Late Night Naughty Radio A nice way to relax after a long day of distractions. 12:32 - Erotic distraction.
596 - Moving Deeper Again Travelling in space and time to wake up and go down again and again 14:11 - Fractionation by travelling.
594 - Recovery Capsule A sci-fi pod to sleep in while being programmed to serve even more. 11:48 - Serving sleeping file.
593 - Everyday Growing Submission Allow yourself to explore and unfold your submissive side even more. 13:27 - Background deeper submission.
592 - Bubble Transformation Become as light and almost invisible as a wonderful bubble. 08:42 - Thoughts popping away.
Live 47 - Cat And Mouse Are you ready for a game where you get chased around in a garden maze? 25:02 - Caught, released and caught again.

Patron releases in March, 2020

599 - Edge For Me Denial training, leaving you unable to orgasm without command. 25:51 - Edging of mind and body.
595 - Slightly Teasing Perhaps somewhat meandering, drifting through words that create some wanting. 13:46 - Drifty, erotic confusion.
591 - Jungle Sacrifice Kidnapped during a holiday, you become a conduit for the gods in a most pleasurable way. 16:13 - Taken as a sacrifice.

Unlocked in March, 2020

491 - A Single Drop A slow, delicious journey, waiting for a drop that may not happen like you think. 14:17 - Fantasy-rich, almost feral falling into trance.
487 - Teasing Tickling Some touches all over, though not too naughty, to tickle you into trance. 11:49 - Pleasurably tickled.