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April, 2020

Free in April, 2020

608 - Sleeping At My Feet After a day of intensity, it's so nice to curl up under my desk and fall asleep at my feet. 11:32 - Soft submission and obedient dreams.
606 - Grateful To Be Controlled Are you aware of how much effort your dominant does for you? 10:55 - Submissive appreciation.
605 - Everyday Tentacle Rape Surprised by curious entity, which will take you no matter what you're doing. 19:32 - Background taken by tentacles.
604 - Swing Induction Swinging along as you let your mind wander into creative directions. 10:31 - Soft, inspiring trance.
602 - Losing Your Marbles Try to hold on to your thoughts as they keep slipping away. 07:04 - Overloading to calm.
601 - Wanting Workout Just in case you need more inspiration or motivation for physical activities. 16:17 - Aroused to exercise.
Live 48 - Dripping Rainforest Experiencing and exploring a part of the rainforest. 19:42 - Sense-rich induction.
600 - Losing Control This file will make you lose control, to me, more and more. Mirror optional. 15:39 - Deep obedience and surrender.

Patron releases in April, 2020

607 - Seductive Abduction An innocent lunch takes on a whole different direction as you listen in on a strange conversation. 14:15 - Hypnotized in public without knowing.
Live Light 15 - Forced Studio Orgasm Hypnotized and forced to feel many things... Can you stop yourself from touching? 30:10 - Forced in front of a camera and crew.
603 - Programming Preparation Strap yourself in for some mental defragmentation at Nimja Incorporated. 18:19 - Sci-fi bondage.

Unlocked in April, 2020

503 - Mindless Fucktoy Crave A simple reminder that helps the helpless to want to be taken. 10:17 - Strengthening the "crave" trigger.
Live Light 9 - Forced Fractionation A hint of strictness, a lot of hair-pulling and a keen awareness of how far you've dropped. 16:50 - Deep obedient trance.
499 - Following Orders A sheet of paper, a pen and the willingness to obey are paramount in following orders this time. 24:07 - Learning by doing.
495 - Ecstatic Edging Experiment Becoming a very willing participant in arousal research at Nimja Incorporated. 30:23 - Strapped down, mechanically stimulated.