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May, 2020

Free in May, 2020

616 - Transfixed Let's take a moment to enjoy staring at something while I guide you deep. 11:49 - Suggests to go deeper with my voice.
614 - Submissive Recharge A submissive really needs to be shown care and attention sometimes. 11:59 - Recharge through specific comfort.
613 - Unfortunate Trap Listening to this is probably a mistake as there is no way out. 18:17 - WARNING: Inescapable looping and re-listening.
612 - Emotional Venting It's healthy to allow yourself to let out the feelings you've been bottling up. 12:25 - Inspiration to vent (aftercare/comfort recommended).
610 - Ball Of Yarn Become just like a kitten, playing with a ball of yarn. 09:47 - Playful transformation.
609 - Trancescribing Department One of most appreciated departments in Nimja Incorporated. 16:43 - Analyzing my words with arousal and obedience.
Live 49 - Tied Down Tight A resistance game where there's no way to win anymore. 24:15 - Forcefully tied down and conditioned.

Patron releases in May, 2020

615 - Infused Rope Bondage It's so nice to be tied up with rope, slowly... but not innocently. 21:07 - WARNING: Involuntarily drugged by ropes. - Leaves you tied up.
611 - Guided Edging Slow buildup, clothed or not, to help you to edge and enjoy. 19:27 - Soft denial, intense pleasure and trance.

Unlocked in May, 2020

511 - Easier Orgasms Mental relaxation while you stimulate yourself mentally or physically. 19:12 - A fun way to orgasm more easily.
507 - Forced Public Masturbation It can be both liberating and humiliating to show this perverted side of yourself. 17:56 - Pleasurably humiliating masturbation.