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June, 2020

Free in June, 2020

625 - Made To Like It Brainwashed into being made to like whichever file of mine follows next. 13:15 - WARNING: Pushes comfort, brainwashing, strong dominance.
624 - Surprising Sleep Instructions Some confusing instructions to help you fall asleep quite nice and deep. 11:34 - Rambling relaxation.
622 - Sexy Study Support Some wonderfully naughty motivation to expand your knowledge. 10:42 - Arousal from studying/learning.
621 - Nipple Trap Once you begin to listen, the need to touch your nipples and surrender to me is inescapable. 22:34 - WARNING: Inescapable looping and re-listening.
620 - Free Falling Enjoy a lovely fall into trance as you break through the surface. 10:07 - Falling in trance practice.
Live 50 - Puzzling Prison Listen to the voice as it guides you out of the prison in this fantasy world. 24:18 - Emotional adventure.
618 - Flow State Understanding and practicing flow state, to be more productive or creative. 08:52 - Background concentration.
617 - Wanting Words Learn to react (even more) to certain words I use in this trigger glossary. 11:02 - Strong reaction to a few specific words.

Patron releases in June, 2020

623 - Slow Unwrapping Given as a gift to receive a slow feeling of being stripped of everything. 13:35 - Stripped of clothes, will and time.
Live Light 16 - Powerful Drug Injection This strangely powerful drug has a deeply entrancing effect on your body. 23:03 - Drip-fed into numb arousal.
619 - Art Class Model When the nude model doesn't show up, someone else has to take the stand... 23:29 - Erotic Exhibitionism.

Unlocked in June, 2020

Live Light 10 - Incubus Captive Waking up in a cage and working hard to escape while arousal builds. 26:58 - Build up to be taken and denied.
515 - Mental Sculpture Somewhere, deep inside your unconscious, there is a sculpture waiting to be revealed. 17:11 - Chipping away your thoughts.