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July, 2020

Free in July, 2020

634 - Stream Of Unconsciousness As I stream my words into your unconscious I may spark some creativity. 12:37 - Increased creativity.
633 - Sexy Virus Something simple to help you feel more sexy and wonder about what it is. 08:09 - Infectious thoughts.
632 - Little Red Riding Hood Would you ever get lost in the forest as you travelled to Grandmother? 19:57 - Becoming part of the story.
630 - Starry Night Wrapped in the cool velvet blanket of the sky. 11:57 - Relaxing visualisation induction.
629 - Type To Tease Typing can be a lot of fun when each letter gives a little wave. 11:51 - Typing/writing arouses you.
628 - Hand Fascination Allow yourself to focus on the unique and wonderful aspects of hands. 12:24 - Deeper fascination with hands.
Live 51 - Devious Doctor A visit to a new doctor ends up blissfully blank and programmed. 21:02 - Experimental drug and inspection.
626 - In And Out Of Trance Many people float into hypnotic states throughout the day without realizing, this will help. 12:47 - Playful fractionation.

Patron releases in July, 2020

631 - Focus On Me You have to earn my attention by keeping your focus on me while listening. 17:36 - WARNING: Strict, direct, diminishing, dominating.
627 - Mindless Fucktoy Inspection Prepare to be appropriately appraised as the fucktoy you crave to be. 20:07 - Objectified, touched and inspected all over.

Unlocked in July, 2020

527 - Sheer Fabric Subtly making your clothes so thin as to be almost invisible. 10:01 - Transparent, light clothing.
523 - Tentacle Madness A fantastic fall into illustrious insanity, inspired by the past. 27:44 - WARNING: Broken into pieces of obedience.