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August, 2020

Free in August, 2020

642 - All Excited It is such a nice, energetic feeling that fills you with inspiration and life. 08:45 - Filled with excitement.
641 - On Edge From feeling tense into wonderful arousal and desire. 12:34 - Reminded of the fun of edging.
640 - Brain Drain When your head is too full of thoughts, it's so very calming to have them drained away. 08:54 - Deep, calming trance.
638 - The Power Of Hypnosis Experience many of the wonderful things that hypnosis can do to you. 35:11 - A deep dive into classic hypnosis tropes.
637 - Rebellious Arousal You're aroused before I even began... How dare you. 14:59 - Put in your place and denied.
636 - Tea With Nimja Join me for a nice cup of tea (or other drink of choice) and some conversation. 15:32 - A glimpse into my thoughts.
Live 52 - Sweet Self-esteem A simple bit of inspiration and a gentle story to help your unconscious to accept and grow. 19:35 - Inspiration for self-esteem.

Patron releases in August, 2020

639 - Domino Effect Just a little push will be enough to make all of your mind fall over. 11:39 - Vulnerable for the next file.
Live Light 17 - Crystal Cave Corruption An old mythical cave pulls you in deeper and deeper into your own depravity. 26:50 - Facing your own fantasies.
635 - Desert Mirage Trap Stumbling through the desert, you have no choice but to walk towards green in the distance. 16:28 - Trapped and taken by a snake.

Unlocked in August, 2020

535 - Temptation Fractionation Some simple weaving words that wander through your mind, to find desire. 13:13 - Deep arousal and trance.
Live Light 11 - Office Slut Training An interesting promotion leading into some very pleasurable training. 31:23 - Sex and oral for the CEO of Nimja Inc.
531 - Pleasure Slave Auction Regardless of how you ended up here, you will be shaven everywhere, cleaned and prepared for the auction. 19:50 - Prepared, controlled with implant and auctioned as a slave.