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September, 2020

Free in September, 2020

650 - Simple Relaxation Progressive relaxation, releasing tension and simplifying your mind. 07:37 - Quick, nice trance with some effort.
649 - Slut Use A very special slut training, something to fill you required. 18:29 - Fucked as a slut.
648 - Wind-up Toy Transformed into a wind-up toy that's ready to spring into action. 09:48 - Doll-like and ready for chores.
647 - Slut Tempering Just another day in your slut training, something to suck required. 18:04 - Slutty oral training.
646 - No Choice Listening to this will wonderfully take away your choice and make you want to listen more. 11:06 - Confusing, obedient trance.
645 - Slut Capture The unwitting start to your slut training, vibrator required. 15:14 - WARNING: Forcing the inner slut, out.
Live 53 - Dangerous Shadows Walking alone, late at night, with nothing but the street lights to see by. 27:16 - Controlled and coerced by shadows.
644 - Snuggling Operation A simple idea becomes a big adventure for a little one. Plushie recommended. 10:46 - Surprise hug before sleep.

Patron releases in September, 2020

651 - Caught Masturbating Just when you thought you had all the time for yourself... 17:56 - Caught, spanked, denied and released.
643 - Dirty Little Secrets What if someone has been watching you and now knows all the depraved things you want to keep hidden... 11:59 - WARNING: Deeply unsettling.

Unlocked in September, 2020

543 - Bratty Takedown This isn't the game you're expecting, but it's the one you're getting. 15:40 - Taking down the brat, leaving the submission.
539 - Bondage Tape Struggle From struggle into blissful, trapped emptiness, thanks to bondage tape. 17:16 - Taped up, tied down.