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October, 2020

Free in October, 2020

660 - Lunar Lust It's nice to embrace the wonderful intensity and mystery of the full moon. 13:39 - A gentle, constant pull to desire by the moon.
658 - Assigned Attire Made to wear something I've chosen for you, for a party you know nothing about. 11:32 - Gently forced fantasy.
657 - Potent Tattoo Getting a tattoo can be a wonderfully relaxing, arousing and submissive experience. 22:32 - Tattooed with drugged ink?
656 - Amazing Induction What reward will wait for you on the other side of this complex maze? 18:45 - Deeply lost in wonder.
Special - Strict Wake Up I know you're comfortable, but there are other responsibilities right now and you will have to get up. 01:34 - Get up, now.
654 - Witch Candy As you go first to that one house that has the best candy, you end up staying longer than expected. 14:22 - Turned into a prop.
653 - Crawling All Over It's so nice to relax... if only there wasn't something crawling over your skin. 11:35 - WARNING: Quite unsettling and insects?
Live 54 - Gentle Ghost Bedtime Story A lovely, gentle bedtime story about a world of ghosts and their past. 16:56 - Sweet story time.
652 - Delicate Flower Imagine your mind as a beautiful flower, rich in color and shape. 12:46 - Acknowledgement of your vulnerability.

Patron releases in October, 2020

659 - Created To Crave A strange dream in which you are taken to a castle and charged with pleasure. 15:26 - Turning you on.
Live Light 18 - Volatile Vampire Exploring an old, closed theater that wasn't quite as empty as you'd hoped. 30:45 - Toyed with and drained by an unstable vampire.
🔒 655 - Total Degradation Prepared in pleasure and pain, as a toy for my and some strangers' pleasure, until there's nothing left. 43:27 - WARNING: Degradation, strangers, sex, force, restraints.

Unlocked in October, 2020

555 - Flirty Fay Fantasy Some forests are so old as to be lost in time and contain some dangerous beings. 26:42 - Seduced by one of the fay.
Live Light 12 - Daring Darkness Dared to go down into a basement during a tour in an old house leads you to... 28:17 - Disorienting pleasure and trapped.
551 - Trick Or Treat Visiting the house of a hypnotist as a not-so-innocent victim, tricked. 17:26 - Poetic deep depth.
♀ 547 - Shaven And Stirred Some lovely instructions to leave you drifting in desire, clothing optional. 20:26 - Manipulative masturbation instructions while clean shaven.