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November, 2020

Free in November, 2020

668 - Giving Thanks Would you allow me to share some gratitude? 09:24 - Thank you, for everything.
666 - Deep Dominant Drive Inspiration to be a respectful, strong, confident, gentle dominant. 13:44 - Positive dominance.
665 - Blank Doll Teasing Be turned into a blank doll and teased with how much you enjoy it. 15:50 - Triggers: Doll / Human + finger-snap.
664 - Simple Hypnosis Recipe Easy-to-follow instructions for the perfect trance. 09:54 - Wonderfully chill in under 10 minutes.
662 - Hard Work Aftercare You were working so hard and now it's time to relax and unwind. 11:01 - Comfort after a lot of hard work.
661 - Sweet Sudden Surrender I know how much you would like to surrender... but will I let you? 16:22 - Teasingly guided into obedience.
Live 55 - Werewolf Capture Bitten by something you slowly turn and enjoy the hunt... for a while. 29:28 - Feeling powerful before being captured and subjugated.

Patron releases in November, 2020

667 - Everyday Erotic Hypnosis A deeply distracting, yet delicious bit of fascinating hypnosis. 21:24 - Background, trancy desire.
663 - Bimbo Brainwashing Let the words wash over you and help you become such a good bimbo. 26:57 - A happy, naïve, aroused bimbo.

Unlocked in November, 2020

563 - Eye Of The Storm A whirlwind of emotions, happiness, sadness, obedience, arousal and more, pull you around and around until... 19:04 - Intensity to complete, total calm. Aftercare may be needed.
559 - Delicious Dedication Show and grow your dedication by sharing and dedicating an orgasm to me. 25:28 - Deeper obedience towards me, through an orgasm.