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December, 2020

Free in December, 2020

678 - Happy New You It's always a good time to celebrate ways to become better. 12:39 - Inspiration for improvement.
677 - Perfect Plaything Deeply transformed into a good plaything, perhaps even toyed with. 30:18 - WARNING: Intense need to obey, be played with and manipulated.
676 - Slave Update It's time for me to download, modify and reupload your mind. 19:39 - WARNING: Enslavement and suggests re-listening.
674 - Passive Participation Allow yourself to participate without even doing anything. 10:40 - Drifty, deep, comfy trance.
673 - Trance Slut I know what you are, what you need and what you crave... And maybe I will give it. 19:29 - Sweetly degrading, deep trance.
672 - Puppy Park Walk A nice afternoon in the park, with some fetch, running and nice walking. 12:34 - Running your thoughts away.
Live 56 - The Nevermind Experiment Experience the strange (side) effects of this imaginary drug from Nimja Incorporated. 29:17 - Non-consensually drugged, drifting and possibly used.
670 - Study Subject Would you like to help me practice by being brought into trance? 08:39 - Simple induction and waking.
669 - Pleasuring Each Other Gentle inspiration to enjoy, initiate and reciprocate intimacy. 12:57 - Desire to give and receive.

Patron releases in December, 2020

675 - Needle Corset Some needles, a pretty, soft ribbon and your back as my canvas are all I need. 22:57 - WARNING: Needle play, aftercare recommended.
Live Light 19 - Forceful Tease Some teasing temptation in public where you don't really have a choice. 20:47 - Consensual, unexpected teasing.
671 - Flowing Need The walk through the forest was sweaty and warm, fortunately there is a cool waterfall. 19:13 - Natural arousal.

Unlocked in December, 2020

571 - Everyday Deliciously Dazed Deeply pulling you back and forth into awareness, without listening. 19:11 - Background, confusingly aroused.
Live Light 13 - Prime Example Practice before being a demo bunny at a conference. 18:00 - Training to be an example of obedience.
567 - Seductive Summoning Surrender Perhaps calling a demon to become more powerful was not the best idea. 24:41 - Trapped and conquered into the ritual.