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September, 2014

Free in September, 2014

41 - Sensory Bondage Bind your body, mind and all your senses until not even time remains. 12:38 - Sensory deprivation and deep trance.
40 - Touching Instructions Suggested by the 500th subscriber: Become aroused by these instructions to touch... but not "there". 14:15 - Arousal through touching with a nice trance.
39 - Spiral Induction A good induction for beginners and veterans alike, welcoming my new spiral background (on YouTube). 14:37 - Deep trance with a spiral.
38 - Happy Spirals A file to listen to while watching: http://hypno.nimja.com/visual 09:53 - Deep trance through spirals.
37 - Soul Scrub A soft file to help you clear your head of anxiety, insecurity and worry. 10:58 - Calming and cleansing mind/soul.
36 - Mindless Fucktoy Sometimes you just want to forget everything, think nothing and exist only as a toy for your owner to use for their pleasure. 13:44 - Install trigger to become a fucktoy for trusted people.
35 - Recursive Induction A strange experiment: It begins to put you in a nice trance... Then begins again... and again... 16:00 - Deep trance experiment.
34 - Drug Induction Requires a glass of water. Maybe it will contain a drug that leaves you suggestible... 12:30 - Left suggestible through feeling drugged.
33 - Gentle Induction A soft, gentle induction. To make you warm, safe and protected and nothing more. 17:35 - Induction and protection.
32 - Tentacle Rape Maybe going to the bathroom wasn't such a good idea. Although... 17:28 - Fucked by slimy tentacles.

Visuals in September, 2014

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